Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Wander over Yonder "The Void"

Wow! First post in 6 years!!! 
Well a lot has happened over the past 6 years, and at some point I'll post something in more detail, but until then, check out a board I did for Wander over Yonder for an episode called "The Void". Man, I love working on this show!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008



A few years back Riccardo Durante and myself made a series of cartoons called "Gruesomestein's Monsters!" Well, as of recently the rights to Gruesomestein's have reverted back to us! So, are you a big shot producer who wants to buy it? We have TONS of monster stories we're dying to tell.

If you want to check out the cartoons, go HERE!
Or check out the blog HERE!

If you want more info, drop me an e-mail!



Wednesday, January 16, 2008



So, since Sept 21 we've been busy with our new baby girl, Sadie Olivia Ackland. She's amazing and Angie and I couldn't be happier!!! She's so awesome, she's even inspired me to write a book for's all about associating things with the sounds they make. So below is little Sadie with a friend and further below are the first couple of illos from the book.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and a Happy New Year!!!

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More T-show stuffs...

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