Monday, December 18, 2006

Yin Yang Yo wrap! UPDATE! WITH PICTURES!!!

Here are some pics from the party....
From left to right; Bob's wife Terri, my wife Angie, myself (Mark Ackland), and Bob Boyle.

From left to right, special fx master and college chum Darren Donovan, Exec. producer Steve Marmel, and post fx boy wonder Nathan Day.

Me (Mark Ackland) on the left and director Martin Smith. He usually looks like this...damn hippy.

Happy BG painter (with cool collar) Matt Allen.

Animation Siamese triplets, Andy Gravelle (top), Phil Bonner (bottom left), and Tara Donovan.

These are two of our super duper co-ordinators; Juliegh Nguyen (left) and June Lee.

This is our tech guy and 'Crainiac' mastermind Eric 'The Falcon' Falconer and his girlfriend Jeanie.

These 'cool dudes' are post effects artists, Nathan Day (left) and Ian zamojc

This is co-ordinator Shawn Cookson and his girlfriend
Sibohan. Yes she is actually his girlfriend

Well, "Yin Yang Yo!" season 1 is just about wrapped! We had our party last Friday courtesy of Elliott animation and it was a blast. Yin Yang Yo creator Bob Boyle, his wife and fellow artist Terri, YYY executive producer/head writer Steve Marmel, and line producer Larry Johnson all made the trek from chilly LA to sunny Toronto for the occasion. We had a ton of fun with them. There is not a finer bunch of friendly, more classy...ok maybe not classy, but at least friendly...bunch of folks in the industry.

And you will never meet a more humble guy who has two of his own shows in production than Bob Boyle.

Thanks to Bob, Steve, Larry, Lisa Salamone, Mike Moon and the rest of the Disney gang for being so awesome to deal with. Also, thanks to George Elliott, my co-director Ted Collyer, assistant director Todd Kauffman, animation director Evan Steacy, our production manager Jason Boyer, all the supervisors, designers, board artists, animators, co-ordinators and everyone else at Elliott Animation for all of the super hard work that you put in to the show. You have made YYY a hit and it has not gone unnoticed.

So, looking back, here are some title cards that YYY art director Martin Smith and myself put together!


Thursday, December 07, 2006


Thanks everyone! I know I have really been lacking posts...and posting comments on your blogs. I have been checking them out though! I 've just been really busy trying to wrap up Yin Yang Yo, but now it's wrapped so I should have much more free time. Thanks for checking back!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gruesomestein's Monster's...

...Hey y'all. Look what's on You Tube! "Gruesomestein's Monsters!" For those of you who don't know, a couple of years ago, myself and my partner in crime, Riccardo Durante, co-created, co-wrote, co-designed, and co-directed this series of animated shorts. Check 'em out!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shady characters...

Almost done! I just need to put mattes on these. Sorry for the horrible pics. The only camera I have is the crappy one on my cel phone!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Shady characters show!!!

My pal Jared Deal invited me to be part of an art show in New York at "Live With Animals" art gallery which he is curating. The theme of the show is "Shady Characters", so I put together some...well, shady characters. Below is a sneak peak. Some may question whether or not these characters are ACTUALLY shady, but I figured anyone coughing up blood is probobly a good person to steer clear from. These are obviously digital, but the final versions will be completely made of felt, construction paper, japanese paper and googly eyes. I know some of the colours do look a little funny in these images and contrast weird...that's a result of me trying to match the colour of the felt and construction paper as close as possible in photoshop...things actually stand out better on paper as opposed to these digital images. And yes, for those who care...that is Jugle!!! well, a young version of him anyhow. Not sure which colour version of him I like the best. I always pictured him as the orangey yellow version, but I like how the bluey version seems to glow on that background.

Enough rambling!!!

If you wanna see the show, the opening reception starts Friday July 28th at the "Live with animals" art gallery. Here's the address...

210 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yin Yang Yo! Premieres online!!!

Hey y'all...check out the online premiere of the Disney series that I've been working on..."Yin Yang Yo!"...created by Bob Boyle, and written by Steve Marmel. You can watch the entire first 11 minute episode, "Dojo Oh No!" right here...

The episode was co-directed by myself and John Fountain. The boards and animatic were done in LA, and design to final animation was done in Toronto.

Currently it can only be seen in the states. sorry fellow Canucks and others!!!

Check this promo site for Yin Yang Yo! as well...

AND...Check out John Fountain's blog here...

AND...Check out John's AWESOME artwork for sale right here...

'Hope you enjoy!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Last year I worked on a straight to TV feature produced by Nickelodeon and Nelvana called "Wayside" based on the "Wayside School" books by Louis Sachar. My partner in crime Riccardo Durante directed the show, and I assistant directed and acted as posing and character design supervisor. YES North America!!!! I will tell you right now, there is nothing easier than posing a 'board that was 'boarded by Nick Cross and Warren Leonhardt.
Recently "Wayside" was picked up as an animated series and is being directed by Riccardo and he has got himself quite a crew together...not only have Warren and Nick come along to 'board, but add the likes of Jamie "Hobo divine" Mason as assistant director, Ian Hastings (our art director for Gruesomestein's Monsters) as art director, and Andrew Wolf and Dermot Walshe as layout/BG artists and this show is going to kick some serious ass!!!
Here are just a few scenes that I posed. I will post more in the fuuuuttuuuurre....

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Wow! How cheap...all this time and only one lousy drawing!!! Sorry, been busy, but thanks for checking back, and leaving comments! I need those comments to make myself feel liked and popular!!! I promise that there will be some big pooptooth news, well relatively big pooptooth news, coming soon!

Monday, May 01, 2006

some oldies...

Here's some older stuff...

Monday, April 24, 2006

BATTLE! Pooptooth vs. Hobo divine!

Hello! On the weekend myself and my best funky pal, Jamie Mason, aka 'Hobo Divine' pushed play on our Roxanne Shante tape and had a BBBAAAATTTTTLLLEEEEE!

HD started off strong as you can see, as I waited impatiently for my turn to step up...
I challenged with 'the wave', I think it was like... 2:55 in the afternoon...
HD came back strong and busted out a floating turtle while sporting a civil war rebel hat. FRESH! I sat back FURIOUS...hitting myself in the head because he totally had me with that move...
I retaliated with a back spin, and trumped his rebel hat with a king tut crown (fucking thing weighed a ton). I did a back spin and then froze. The anxiety got the best of Hobo Divine, causing him to barf in his hat. HD came back with a head spin which knocked my socks off, so I put on his barf hat in shame and demanded a time out.
At the end of the battle, a rainbow came out because it was sunny, but rained a little bit (which caused the rainbow). We shook hands, because after all, we are best funky pals, but I was still not completely pleased with the outcome.

The End.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Well, I think this is the rest of them...thanks for the interest everybody!