Monday, December 18, 2006

Yin Yang Yo wrap! UPDATE! WITH PICTURES!!!

Here are some pics from the party....
From left to right; Bob's wife Terri, my wife Angie, myself (Mark Ackland), and Bob Boyle.

From left to right, special fx master and college chum Darren Donovan, Exec. producer Steve Marmel, and post fx boy wonder Nathan Day.

Me (Mark Ackland) on the left and director Martin Smith. He usually looks like this...damn hippy.

Happy BG painter (with cool collar) Matt Allen.

Animation Siamese triplets, Andy Gravelle (top), Phil Bonner (bottom left), and Tara Donovan.

These are two of our super duper co-ordinators; Juliegh Nguyen (left) and June Lee.

This is our tech guy and 'Crainiac' mastermind Eric 'The Falcon' Falconer and his girlfriend Jeanie.

These 'cool dudes' are post effects artists, Nathan Day (left) and Ian zamojc

This is co-ordinator Shawn Cookson and his girlfriend
Sibohan. Yes she is actually his girlfriend

Well, "Yin Yang Yo!" season 1 is just about wrapped! We had our party last Friday courtesy of Elliott animation and it was a blast. Yin Yang Yo creator Bob Boyle, his wife and fellow artist Terri, YYY executive producer/head writer Steve Marmel, and line producer Larry Johnson all made the trek from chilly LA to sunny Toronto for the occasion. We had a ton of fun with them. There is not a finer bunch of friendly, more classy...ok maybe not classy, but at least friendly...bunch of folks in the industry.

And you will never meet a more humble guy who has two of his own shows in production than Bob Boyle.

Thanks to Bob, Steve, Larry, Lisa Salamone, Mike Moon and the rest of the Disney gang for being so awesome to deal with. Also, thanks to George Elliott, my co-director Ted Collyer, assistant director Todd Kauffman, animation director Evan Steacy, our production manager Jason Boyer, all the supervisors, designers, board artists, animators, co-ordinators and everyone else at Elliott Animation for all of the super hard work that you put in to the show. You have made YYY a hit and it has not gone unnoticed.

So, looking back, here are some title cards that YYY art director Martin Smith and myself put together!



Steve Daye said...

Great title cards Mark! Hope all is well! Happy Holidays!

Steve said...

All I can say is... I went from Toronto, where it was warm... Green Bay where it was cool... LA, where the dew froze on my car. What the hell is up with that?


Good time had by all, my friend.

ncross said...

Yayyyy! Congrats on finishing up Marc!

Go ahead and take a couple of days off, you've earned it.

Shannon & Dipesh said...

It was awsome working on the show with you Mark. I had a real fun experience animating on the show.

The title cards are looking sweet....Now if only i could watch an episode... :)

Jazzy Justin said...

Soooo cooool!

I need to watch that show!

That "Bad Nanny..." title reminds me of another title I've heard...from an adult video ad! haha

Anyway, I'm thinkin' Tee designs...

SteveLambe said...

Congrats on the wrap of the S1 of the show!

No Kauffman in the pics? Did he not show up or was he camera shy?

Mark Ackland said...

Thanks Y'all!!!

Steve said...

Yeah! More pics! As long as I'm not being an ass in them.

Jesus, if my shirt was any more bright it could be a billboard in Vegas.

How Hollywood Jackass does THAT look?

- Steve

P.S. Love the title cards.

ridd1 said...

great cards!

Mega said...

great job fellah, nice work! it was great working on this with you all, i had a blast!

so mark, ill be hitting you up soon with info on FOURTY ( for real this time) as i finally have time off work to plan the show, and ill release the full list of artists too! expect it in the next few days....

happy holidays man, enjoy the time off!

the doodlers said...

Neato Mark! Congrats on wrapping! The cards look swell!

geenpool said...

awesome!! congrats!! The show looks awesome! and i said awesome twice!!! awesome!!

Elle said...

Hey Markie, great title cards. I can't wait to see this. Tried finding it online, but apparently I need to be in the States to watch it. What's wrong with watching it from Melbourne?! Oh well, the suspense is killin' me. Happy 007 and see you in two months! Nice wrap pics, too! Miss ya guys.
xo, ~eleanor

Eric Z said...

Great pics, I love these show title cards!

Jav said...

Congrats on the wrap up...
buncha talented folks!

Mukpuddy said...

Congrats on the first season dude!! Those title cards are killer, nice textures!!

Rob B. said...

Hey Mark! Great workin on the show and can't wait for season 2!!